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Free DDoS Protection in Buffalo, NY!

All of our plans in our New York location are automatically protected. Absolutely Free.


  • cpu cores :One
    1 GB Ram
    20 GB SSD
    1 Gbit/s port
    1 TB Bandwidth
    Linux OS


  • Cpu Core:Two
    2 GB Ram
    35 GB SSD
    1 Gbit/s port
    2 TB Bandwidth
    Linux OS


  • Cpu Core :Three
    4 GB Ram
    50 GB SSD
    1 Gbit/s port
    3 TB Bandwidth
    Linux OS

All Our plans include

Cheap Linux VPS
1 Gbps Network Speed
Cheap Linux VPS
Unlimited Database
Cheap Linux VPS
UP to 10TB Bandwidth
Cheap Linux VPS
100% Uptime SLA
Cheap Linux VPS
KVM Vertualization
 Full Root Access
Linux  OS
Satisfaction Guaranteed
US Datacenter
24/7 Premium Support

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

What’s a VPS?

A virtual private server is a private chunk of a server that is virtualized, running its own operating system privately while sharing a physical server with others.

How quickly will my cheap linux vps be ready to use?

A team of expert engineers will have your dedicated server ready to use within 24 hours of purchase.

Is there a guaranteed uptime?

Our dedicated servers come with a 100%  network uptime guarantee.

VPS are recommended  for …..

High Traffic Websites,Large ecommerce websites,Agencies with High Profile Clients,Reseller Hosting

How do I use a VPS?

A vps is just like having your own server in an office server room or data centre. You can easily log in as an administrator and install your applications and manage resources, if you just want to be able to get going quickly with standard functions like hosting websites or email then add a server management tool like Plesk or cPanel.

What are your data center?

Our data center is in US.

Which virtualization should you use?

KVM vertualization.

How do i install cPanel?

If you want to install cPanel on your server then send mail to us.Our technical team will install cPanel for you. For this you need to pay $20 extra.

Need a more powerful hosting solution?

We get it. You’re a big deal. Take a look at our Dedicated Servers to see if they can handle your needs.

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